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 Lord Rules!!!

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Lord Rules!!! Empty
PostSubject: Lord Rules!!!   Lord Rules!!! Icon_minitimeWed Jan 27, 2010 4:26 am

Lord Rules
1. Be Kind To All Players
2. Do not abuse your powers!
3. If you want to run an event you must notify a gm and ask for the item that you want to give away!
4. See Player Rules (Code Of Conduct)
1. 1st Warning
2. 2nd Warning
3. Dismissal And Removal Of Lord Powers And Features.
4. If you do not follow normal player rules other actions may be required!
I would like to say thanks for running for lord! Those of you that have been chosen i would also like to say congratulations on being picked to be lord please remember that these and the player rules are very important!Thanks so much for supporting Zoneflyff in everything that you do! Keep up the good work!
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Lord Rules!!!
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