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 Mercenaries, Knights & Blades

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PostSubject: Mercenaries, Knights & Blades   Wed Jan 27, 2010 4:29 am

Go Pure Str with blades because buffs get you 100% attack speed so you really dont need dex and get Bloody Swords or Lga's with Crit Awakenings and you have a pwnage Character Very Happy

Perfect Blade Set

2 Strentes: +3 Or Higher 60+ Str
2 Mighteers: +3 Or Higher 400+ damage
Gore +6: Or Higher 358+ Hp
Dayst Set: Crit +15%, Def +55, Dex+5
2 Bloody Swords: Addition Damage Of Criticals: 80%, Criticals +40%, Attack Speed +30%
Dragon Cloak 4: All Stats +14
Fortrin Mask: Str +5
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Mercenaries, Knights & Blades
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