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 Elementor BEST BUILD

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PostSubject: Elementor BEST BUILD   Elementor BEST BUILD Icon_minitimeWed Jan 27, 2010 4:31 am

Hiyah guys.. here I am.. making another non sense topic haha.. boredom kills.. here goes..

First.. Elements.. and their weaknesses.. There are 5 as you know.. Fire, Wind, Earth, Electric and Water..

Their weaknesses..

Fire -> Weak against water
Water -> weak against electric
Electric -> weak against earth
Earth -> weak against wind
Wind -> weak against fire..

As you can see.. it forms a circle if you draw it.. Water>Fire>Wind>Earth>Electric>Water..


hmm, please don't ask me for your build.. it's your character.. ~_~ .. But I do have some suggestions..
I haven't seen a pure STA elementor yet.. But I think it could deal decent damage.. like a pure STA knight with higher damage XD..

But I really suggest for those mobber types to have at least 40-60 INT .. for fast killing ~_~

and I think there are pure INT elementors too.. their damage is not as high as pure int psykeepers.. but I saw a 5.7k Windfield on cranes.. no gap ~_~ .. with mastery of course..


I think elementors have the highest number of skills.. one of each element for single targets.. one of each element for AoE skills.. one of each element for masteries.. and four additional "laggy" AoE skills >.<..

Refer to the elemental table I used above for what element you'll use for monsters..

Anyway, Compared to psykeepers.. elementor deals high damage even if you have a not so low int.. because of masteries.. which you'll get when you get to level 70..

Masteries give 15% elemental damage (depends on what mastery you'll use of course) when you master them.. they get 2 seconds duration for each int you boost..

Leveling Fire Strike and Spring water helps too.. The level 30 skills for mages... Fire strike when used on an enemy.. becomes weak to wind (about 20% more damage for wind property spells) for 6 seconds.. so if you have FireStrike>WindField>Windfield>Windfield on your action slot.. (and I think that's the best for PVP) .. deals an enormous amount of damage.. plus if you have mastery too.. ouch! hehe..
Same for springwater, the enemy becomes weak to electric (20% more damage for electric property spells)..

Always use Blinkpool when leveling.. helps you get around and get mobs easily.. You could use it when PvP'ing too.. Get out from those lousy Bow jesters ..


As you all know.. Mage/Psykeepers/Elementors have the lowest defense on armors.. I think the level 62 suit has a 480~482 something defense.. or something higher.. So I suggest really having overups.. and Plug+2 or higher is a must.. Elemental armors are a must too.. more mobs the merrier ..

For weapons... you must have a variety of staves.. always.. they get destroyed easily..
and for those who don't know.. you could use Elemental Staffs too to boost more damage .. here are some examples..

If you use an electric staff.. and use an electric skill.. You will see a big difference in damage compared to a non-elemental staff.. but.. when you use a water type spell while equipped with an electric staff.. your water damages get lower.. Same for wind staves, wind spells go higher, earth skills go lower... Fire staves, fire damage high, Wind damage low.. Water staves, water damage high, Fire damage low.. Earth staves, earth damage high, electric low.. You get teh point..


It really depends on what you use while PVP'ing.. I usually use the firestrike windfield combo.. So I always wear a Wind staff.. and a 12% attack rate suit... 2mighteers when I fight with Elems/Psykeepers.. and Plugs when I fight with other classes.. Plug Earrings doesn't give magic defense mind you..

I suggest using firestrike and windfield when PVP'ing.. With fire and wind mastery.. just watch out for people who are dueling inside the arena.. you might kill them accidentally >.< ..
Windfield slows down your enemy.. so If they're melee characters.. you could always make a run for it hehehe..

and I think that's it.. I'll edit this when I think of something to add in this.. thanks for reading..
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Elementor BEST BUILD
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