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 Billposter Build

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PostSubject: Billposter Build   Billposter Build Icon_minitimeWed Jan 27, 2010 4:31 am

DOMMT = Decrease Of Magic Motion Time, Or DCT = Decrease Casting Time
AoE = Area of Effect, It's an attack that hits everything in a certain area
Asal = Level 80 BP attack "Strongest move in teh game" Basically while it being suckish in PVP for private servers, Everyone still is gunna hate you just for having it, Even if you don't use it.
Bgvur = Level 70 int AoE
ADOCH = Additional Damage of Critical Hits. This makes your crits stronger.

Alright let's start with everyones favorite!
This is for all those people that don't care!

Now let's play a real BP ;D
The main build that almost all str BP's use is.
Sta:20-40(depends on buffs/pvp or pvm.)
This build is your basic BP build for 1v1, Not the best but it'll work with no greens and no awesome equips.

Now since in this server everything is provided for you, In order to maximize your gameplay as a 1v1 BP You're gunna want CRIT!
Sta:20-30(I play with 20 but that's just me)
This build is your basic dex BP, Good enough crit, but not yet awesome. Unless you have 30% crit awakes xD

This is my personal 1v1 build I compiled in EFlyff.
Now this build has almost everything you could want, A decent block rate, A great attack speed with just about any weapon, And great crit. While not yet 100% You can provide with awakes/Equips.

Now let us Dive into the wonderful world of the AoE Bp.

As of now there are 2 AoE's available for the BP to use, Each with it's own Pro's and Con's, half of which caused by private servers not being exactly the same as EFlyff.

Burst crack, The all loveable level 28 fail AoE. While not actually being a total misfire, This is actually quite useful if you play it right. With a private server you have access to full heal items, and max buffs. So no need for constantly increasing Sta to keep up with those higher level mobs!
Sta:70-110 (Depends on you and how good you are at healing at really low HP)
This build is pretty basic, Although you have to run around punching to gather, the damage is decent. The only advantage I believe this has over the Int AoE, Is that it does not delay because of Pserver files.

Bgvur Tialbold, The all mighty spam pump. This move, requires LOTS and I mean LOTS, of Refreshers/Posters. But fortunately enough for you, The refresher part is taken care of! Thanks to our server having Refresher holds there is now no need to constantly stack up your screen with that annoying pink flash :3 You just have to buy about 3000-9999 Posters to last you a few RB's.

First build!
This build is actually different in that you can either tank ALOT and deal less damage, or take about 10-20 and deal about 5k per hit. Playing style is up to you.

Second Build!
Trust me, Don't try this. While it seems impossible it is actually possible due to Private servers making everything possible. But will require you to CONSTANTLY spam the Remantis full heal pot. Basically, If your screen lags at all, YOU DIE. But then again, It's actually kinda fun, The nerve racking makes your adrenaline rush and you get all pumped up xD.
For 1v1 Str, You're gunna wanna get a Bloody knuckle, Upgrade it with some uber leet awakes,Ulti+10 pure str gems. All that good stuff. It'll only take you about 6 hours. Get yourself whatever set you feel comfortable with, Use Wedge/Flury for Asal.
Str Bp's dont really have a specific set. I myself use Parmil/leaf for the running speed :3. Use all the items provided to get yourself some extra boosts (Dior, Is, Juria, Bobo's) Get yourself a nice wooden shield or something with some insane str/MP awakes for asal and stuff.

For 1v1 dex. Your best end game knuckle is the Legendary Golden Knuckle, The ADOCH is insane, Awaken it with either crit or some more Adoch 15% or more. And if you can get both on the same awake!
For your set , Get yourself a +10 Rody/Rodey set, Awake it with crit/Adoch or both 15% or higher. Pierce it with 4 ADOCH cards.
Get yourself a Toeffin shield from CW or use a simple Wooden shield, awake it with Crit. If you can get both Crit and Adoch, as always keep 15% or higher.

For your Int Aoe's, Your end game knuckle is Angels knuckle, Unless you get an Ancient knuckle from Event. But Ancient knuckle looks ugly so if you don't care like me, Use the bad-Butt Angels knuckle :p Upgrade it to +10 ulti, Either put some sta/Int on the gem slots. Awake it with DOMMT. Trust me it's alot better than Int later on. Get yourself a Wedge/Flury set to use after you've rebirthed enough to where you can spare an extra 100-200 sta without lowering damage. +10 it, awaken the suit with DOMMT, Pierce it with 4 DOMMT cards. Get yourself a good shield You'll need the def earlier on in the RB's. Awaken it with DOMMT as well. Make sure all your awakes are 15% or higher. For your first 5 or so RB's run with a billst/Billporon set, With DOMMT awakes. You can either put HP or Def as the piercings on it. Just to tank more.
Now once you've gotten enough sta to tank with that wedge/Flury set on, Your casting time for Bgvur is gonna be off the hook. If there's no delay, You're gunna cast it about every 1/3 of a second. Which is INSANE. This is probably the fastest leveling class/build other than Elementors.
Now once you've gotten to around 30 rebirths, You can do just about anything, but this is just a starter guide.
You will LOVE playing a BP, They are the most versatile class in the game, They can do just about anything.
After you level up enough, You'll be pretty much unstoppable. The only limit to a BP is that they kinda suck in PVP. Private servers render your Asal almost useless, And sonic hand is also a tad delayed. But hell, If you get enough rebirths you can just pump that sta so they don't even hurt you xD.

I hope this helps the people who want to start a BP.

As always,
Snuggly is here to help!
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Billposter Build
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